Gohon Kumite

Gohon Kumite

Gohon Kumite means ‘five-step sparring’ because both opponents take five steps when performing this kind of kumite.  The attacker takes five consecutive steps forward, each time executing either a front punch to the head (no.1) or a front punch to the body (no.2) and the defender takes five consecutive steps backwards in response to the attack executing either a rising block (no.1) or an outer block (no.2) and finishing with a reverse punch to counter after the final block.

The goal of five-step sparring is to drill the two main components of kumite, one being ‘attack’ and the other being ‘defense’.  Both opponents must learn to be in tune with one another and move together in their attacks and defenses rather than one at a time.  It is hoped that through repeated practice of this kind of kumite the practitioner will develop powerful and purposeful attacks, effective blocks, strong stances, quick foot movement and good focus.

This kind of kumite is generally practiced at the beginner level although it of course has a place in the training regimen of the more advanced practitioner through the implementation of different attacks such as front kick and roundhouse kick and different defenses such as downward block and inside block, again finishing with reverse punch.

The grading candidate should be ready to demonstrate Gohon Kumite from both left and right sides although he/she will probably only be asked to show proficiency from the left side at the beginning level.

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